Personal Brand First

Jobless Rates
Jobless Rates

The point of all this information is simple: Before you spend a dime on a Yellow Pages ad, new business cards or a snazzy suit, create your Online Personal Brand. As a job seeker, your Online Personal Brand is especially important, because there’s no barrier between it and your potential employer.

Even if seeing the first benefits from your brand takes six months, it’s worth the investment, as long as you can support yourself in the meantime. It’s far better to live with no Online Personal Brand for a while and start with a blank slate than to create a bad brand in haste, then try to undo the damage months later.

The Difference between Success in Employment, Marketing and Branding

I’m not a zealot. It’s possible to build a successful job seeking strategy without ever building a Online Personal Brand. All I’m saying is it’s easier, faster, more effective and more rewarding to build a strategy you can enjoy—one that leaves you time to relish your success—with a strong online brand than without one. Continue reading Personal Brand First