100 Green Small Business Tips

100 green small business tipsBack in September, we asked our readers to contribute their best green business tips.  We wanted you to share your ideas for going green in your small business.

As usual, the Small Business Trends readers came through. We were able to collect 100 awesome green small business tips.  We listed all 100 tips below which have been divided into 4 categories; Conserve, Recycle, Go Paperless and Adopt Green Practices. Please click through all of the pages (above or below the post) to see all 100 of the green small business tips.

If you prefer, you can also download all 100 green small business tips as a PDF document: 100 Green Small Business Tips.

Without further delay, here are 100 green small business tips for your small business with the contributor’s name, website and Twitter handle included. Continue reading 100 Green Small Business Tips

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing TipsCapacity – especially to plan and execute effective marketing strategies – is a big challenge for every small business. In this post, I’ll offer 10 suggestions for how small businesses can supercharge their marketing efforts by leveraging social media. For each suggestion, I will discuss a basic strategy – for those who simply want to get their toes wet, as well as an advanced strategy – for those who want to spend a bit more time and go a bit deeper in their social media marketing efforts. These tips are based on my experience leveraging social media marketing for my company, crowdSPRING.

I suggest you begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figuring out how you’ll measure success. Once you’ve outlined your goals, let’s look at 10 great ways you can begin to leverage social media for your marketing efforts: Continue reading 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

Invest In Marketing

Invest In MarketingEmphasize tradition and heritage in your advertising campaigns and don’t cut prices, said marketing guru, Martin Lindstrom, as he revealed his top 10 tips for the advertising/marketing during the economic downturn.

Brands that invest in marketing during a recession tend to gain market share as their competitors lose focus on their overall strategy, he said. Lindstrom was speaking in the run-up to his Buyology Symposium, held recently at Dubai. The symposium – the first time it was held in the Gulf – will cover the impact of subliminal advertising and the revolutionary influence of neuroscience in marketing. Continue reading Invest In Marketing