6 Ways Companies Can Use Twitter Effectively Instead Of Wasting Their Time

6 Ways Companies Can Use Twitter Effectively Instead Of Wasting Their Time6 Ways Companies Can Use Twitter Effectively Instead Of Wasting Their Time

If you want to promote your business and drive thousands of visitors to your site you should learn how to use social media properly. Twitter is a great example of a social media site most companies get completely wrong.

Millions of potential customers are waiting for you to make contact with them, but if you drive them away you won’t be able to achieve the success you deserve. We’re going to look at some of the ways Twitter should be used, because if you keep doing what you’re doing you will end up wasting your time.

Start to get personal

FCO Minister Hugo Swire answering questions on the Commonwealth via TwitterWhen you’re trying to build a reputation on Twitter you can’t just post links every single day. People follow you because they are your fans, so you must start interacting with them. A good way to do it is by reaching out to them. When they speak to you it’s important to reply to them because once people like you personally they will be more likely to share your work. If you just ignore everyone they will eventually start to ignore you too.

Ask people questions

Have you ever asked anyone specific questions instead of asking them to click on a link? Some of your followers will obviously reply to you when you share something, but if you ask them a specific question they are more likely to say something back. You can use this to show people you’re interested in what they think, but you can also use it to ask questions that will help you write blog posts and build products.

Don’t just share your work

US Ambassador (@davidhuebner) answering your questions live on Twitter & FBDo you know you’re not the only person in the world who writes great blog posts? Other people can write some amazing content too, so why don’t you start sharing their work with your followers instead of keeping them all to yourself? It’s great because you are building a strong reputation as the person who directs people to great information, but there is also a big chance other people will share your work with their followers as a thank you.

Leave the sales pitch alone

Twitter isn’t the best place in the world to ask people for their money. They log onto Twitter because they want to have fun, so asking them to get their credit card out doesn’t work. You might make a few sales if you’re lucky and you have thousands of followers, but you’re more likely to scare people away. Just keep trying to drive people back to your site and you can do your selling there where it will work a lot better.

Consistency is important

You won’t suddenly find massive success after you start using Twitter properly. It’s a slow process and it might take you months or years to build up trust. You have to think of it as a long-term process, so that means you can’t give up when you get bored. You will undue all your good work and you might need to start from the beginning when you start posting again. It’s better that you keep posting consistently even if it’s just once or twice per day.

Connect with other people

Customers are connecting. Are you?

It’s very hard to connect with certain people because they are so hard to reach. You might send them an email and they will ignore you. You can try a few more times, but it probably won’t change anything. Twitter is different because people will be happy to answer your questions when they have to do it in less than 140 characters. You then build up a relationship with them and after a while they will be much more approachable.

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