Want To Reward Your Employees For A Job Well Done? Follow These Creative Tips

Want To Reward Your Employees For A Job Well Done? Follow These Creative TipsWant To Reward Your Employees For A Job Well Done? Follow These Creative Tips

If you run your own small business, you know just how valuable your employees really are. After all, you would not be able to accomplish everything that needs to get done every single day in order to move your company forward into the future without them. Your employees help you manage the many tasks that are involved in running a business, and they all have unique skills and talents that they bring to the table, including skills that you lack. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge your employees and the hard work that they do, and also reward them for their great efforts and accomplishments.

Stumped on how you can show your employees how proud you are of the work they do? Continue reading for some creative tips that will keep their morale up and let them know you care.

Host a Fun Awards Ceremony

Want To Reward Your Employees For A Job Well Done? Follow These Creative TipsOne fun way that you can recognize your employees’ accomplishments is by hosting an awards ceremony. Decorate the area of your office where everyone typically gathers to enjoy lunch. Then have food and dessert catered. Take some time out of the day to give your employees a break, and have plaques or small trophies engraved with the individual’s name and/or the accomplishment you wish to recognize. You can have your support staff help you set up the event, decorate for it, and hand out the awards. This could be a lot of fun, and it will definitely motivate your employees to work harder so that they can continue to be recognized at future awards ceremonies.

Feature a Special Employee in Your Company’s Newsletter or Blog

Want To Reward Your Employees For A Job Well Done? Follow These Creative TipsIf your small business utilizes a newsletter or website or even a blog to keep in touch with your clients and keep them up to date on what is going on within your organization, a great way to recognize an employee’s stellar performance is by placing a small write-up in these outlets that will honor the achievements of that individual. You can do this on a regular basis, such as once a month, or you can wait until someone is worthy of the recognition so that it does not end up becoming a competition amongst employees.

Treat Them to Lunch and a Gift Card

Sometimes employees get tired of having to spend money on lunch every day or they grow bored with bringing the same old food from home. A great way to recognize an employee’s achievement is by treating them to a great lunch at a restaurant they love. You can also give them a card that thanks them for their efforts. Include a gift card to a place they love, such as a local café, a dessert shop, or even the movie theater.

There are many creative ways to recognize employees and their accomplishments within your organization. Remember that thanking them for their efforts and praising them in front of others is a great way to keep them, and the rest of your staff, motivated and happy to work for you.

The author of this post, Eden Jose, works at Crystal Plus, leading providers of glass trophies and awards. An audiophile, Eden is the proud owner of the Boney M signature collection.

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