How To Organize The Best Office Christmas Party Ever

How To Organize The Best Office Christmas Party EverA great office party is the place where office romances are born and people who normally do nothing but argue over the water cooler form a truce. But in order for an office party to be successful, you need to lay the groundwork correctly. There is little point in sending a memo around two days before the event and expecting anyone to show up, particularly if the event is right before Christmas.

So what do you need to do if you have been tasked with organizing this year’s party?

The Right Venue

The right venue is crucial to any office party. For a smaller, informal get-together, it might be appropriate to have the annual party in one of the office function rooms, but if there is a big guest list, somewhere more accommodating will be a better choice. At this point you have two choices. You can either share a venue with other companies or book a private function room.

Book in Advance

If you plan on holding your office Christmas party at an external venue such as a hotel, it is essential that you make a provisional booking many months in advance. Most decent places book up months ahead and in some cases, years ahead. If you leave things until the last minute, you will probably end up in the local bar, which would be good from an alcohol supply perspective, but not so great for ambiance.

Festive Decorations

A Christmas party would not be much of a party without lots of decorations. For parties held at an external venue, check whether decorations are provided, but for parties held on site, you will need to go shopping. At the very least, put up a Christmas tree, garlands and tinsel. Another nice touch would be colored lights and glitter balls. And lastly, don’t forget the mistletoe for those who are hoping to get lucky over the Christmas holidays.

Top Entertainment

Some kind of entertainment is a must-have, unless you want to put up with another year of Barry in Accounts wailing his drunken rendition of ‘Last Christmas’ again. Christmas discos are always popular, particularly with the younger crowd. Alternatively, a sit down meal followed by a sedate couple of hours sampling fine wines and spirits is not a bad idea. If you choose to hold your Christmas party in-house, you can even enliven the evening with a few festive games—everyone loves to play ‘Pass the Parcel’ at Christmas time.

Food and Drink

You can’t have a Christmas party without providing some food and drink. If you are holding your party at a hotel or other venue, there may be food provided as part of the package. There is also a chance that drinks will also be included, particularly if you have opted for a sit down meal. If there is going to be a sit down meal, check well in advance whether anyone has special dietary requirements. For parties held in the office, provide some snacks, lots of alcohol, and a few soft drinks.

It isn’t difficult to organise a great Christmas party. You just need to plan everything in advance so nothing goes wrong at the eleventh hour.

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