How To Choose The Perfect Banner For Your Company’s Next Trade Show

How To Choose The Perfect Banner For Your Company's Next Trade ShowPrinted banners are an essential part of advertising your company’s booth at its next trade show. The quality of the banner you choose is a factor in determining how effectively they catch the attention of customers and clients alike. The two main material categories to choose from are vinyl (PVC) and fabric (cloth) and there are three options for printing which are screen-printing, traditional dye-sublimation printing method and direct-to-substrate (DTS) printing.

We’re going to look at five questions you can ask yourself to help choose the perfect banner for your company’s next show.

Which Material Resonates With Your Company’s Image?

How To Choose The Perfect Banner For Your Company's Next Trade Show
First, you must choose between either vinyl or fabric material for your banner. PVC or vinyl banners start off as roll stock that is screen printed or digitally printed. Within the fabric category you’ll have a wide range of choices. Polyester fabrics range from ones that are sheer (polyester with Lycra) or look like cotton with a number of variations in between. Where possible, the choice of material should reflect a quality embodied by your company or brand. A natural health-care firm might opt for a cotton-effect material while an engineering firm would find a sharply-printed vinyl banner more suitable.    

Will Your Stand Be Inside?

If your stand is inside, the banner will not need to resist wind, rain or the harmful UVB rays in natural sunlight. As such you will need a dye-sublimation printed cloth banner to give your stand a professional edge without appearing cheap or tacky.

Will Your Stand Be Outside?

If your stand is outside, this will gear you more towards a mesh vinyl barrier which is perforated and lets a certain amount of air to pass through it. Mesh vinyl can reduce the wind load by as much as 20 per cent. This lets the banner last longer without being damaged and also makes it more easily read as it’s not being distorted by the wind to the same extent.

Is Quality Prioritized Over Cost?

Dye-sublimation digital printing of banners is much classier than other forms of printed vinyl banners and at high-end trade shows they have become the default choice amongst companies. If projecting a professional image is paramount then this is the best banner for your company to choose. Direct-to-substrate dye-sublimation printing is the fastest option as there is no need to either pre-coat the material or heat-process it afterwards. The image can be printed directly to polyester fabric as though it were paper. This makes it cheaper to produce and as the ink is sublimated into the fabric, it is easily washed and won’t fade when exposed to UVB rays.

Will It Meet Trade Show Regulations?

An important consideration when choosing a banner is whether you will be able to use it in a trade show. You should always ask a printing firm whether their banners are fire rated and certified for use in trade shows. You don’t want to commission an expensive banner only to discover that it can’t be used at shows. Shows always have strict fire safety regulations and can’t risk having vendors use banners that are highly flammable. Printing companies that offer cheap banners are possibly using cheap material that isn’t fire rated.

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