The 5 Most Powerful Brands In The World Today

Building a brand is one of the most important factors for any business that wishes to be successful. Consumers typically remain loyal to specific brands and will go out of their way to purchase a particular product or service because they know and trust that brand. There have even been examples over the years where another product or service is probably better or less expensive, but they are still unable to compete with their fiercest rival, because the rival has built a successful brand.

This post will introduce to you, in reverse order from 5 to 1, the 5 most powerful brands in the world today.


The 5 Most Powerful Brands In The World TodayJust the simple fact that the word “Google” has now become a generic term for what people are doing shows exactly how powerful this brand actually is. However, one major factor that made the Google brand stand out from many of its competitors is the amount of revenue they generate year after year. The Google brand is now valued at $37.6 billion.


The 5 Most Powerful Brands In The World TodayIt wasn’t actually that long ago that the IBM brand looked as though it was going to disappear off the face of the earth. Many consumers began to view IBM as an archaic hardware technology and its competitors were literally raking in the business during the early 1990s. However, IBM set about completely reinventing themselves, as a services and software company and can now be credited with being the 4th most powerful brand in the world. Their brand is now valued at $48.5 billion.

Coca Cola

The 5 Most Powerful Brands In The World TodayAdmittedly, Coca Cola is receiving much media attention and blame for the onset of the obesity problem in America. However, this doesn’t stop them from selling approximately 30 billion cases worldwide each and every year. Just the simple fact that Warren Buffet owns the largest stake in Coca Cola is testament to how successful this brand actually is. Their brand is currently valued at $50.2 billion.


The 5 Most Powerful Brands In The World TodayFunnily enough, Microsoft is perceived by many to be the most powerful brand in the world, but it hasn’t quite made it to the top of the tree. Microsoft now has a huge impact on most consumers’ everyday lives and this is possibly why it is viewed as the number one brand by many. However, the brand itself has gone down in value over the past few years, although being ranked number 2 in the world must count for something. The Microsoft brand is currently valued at $54.7 billion.


Were you really expecting to see anyone else? So, there you have it – Apple is currently the most powerful brand in the world. The value of Apple has actually increased by well over 50% over the past 3 years and this probably why it is so successful. With that being said, many Apple products have faced a lot of criticism recently, especially the release of the iPhone 5, which saw Google Maps disappear and a few other changes made. In fact, a lot of consumers complained that these changes “would never have happened in Steve Job’s day”, but the brand still manages to go from strength to strength. The Apple brand is now valued at a staggering $87.1 – well ahead of its nearest competitor.
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