5 Ways To Generate Free Publicity

Business owners know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but the secret to nearly-free publicity is letting the market do much of the work for you. The essence of market-derived publicity can be described as a combination of chance and proper planning. Although the chaos of the internet and media cannot be controlled, if you know how to execute your marketing strategy, you can put your campaign on a better course.

The key to the management of randomness is tenacity. Consider the free publicity to be gained as a cumulative journey instead of an on/off switch. With continual exposure and a catching narrative, your marketing venture will find the right audience and take off on its own.

An interesting story is the final bit of planning. From viral videos to a well-read blog post, free publicity is all about engaging the user with your version of unique events or information. When these objectives are met, all that’s left is letting the seed grow within the soil of the market itself.

Like many other successful ventures, however, a winning story isn’t necessarily born of pure ingenuity. In order to ensure a better outcome, don’t try to be fruitlessly unique. Instead, go with some tried-and-true concepts.

These narrative themes are quickly picked up by media outlets and conscientious users:

Rags to riches

Everyone loves to hear about someone that picked themselves up by their own bootstraps to live a version of the American dream. An excellent example of this kind of free publicity can be found in any number of successful, well-visited websites.


People love when the little guy fights back, and they grow ecstatic when he wins. If you can frame your business or venture into a David and Goliath story, then you should prepare for a surplus of interest.

Free, scientific-oriented advice

No one in the current public wants an opinion that isn’t based on reputable data. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a publicity attempt that is headlined by well-meaning, empirically-derived suggestions will spread like wildfire. If the advice pertains to health and well being, then this theme’s worth is doubled.

The world first

People flock to something that’s never occurred before or that seems too amazing to be true. They tell their friends about it, and they follow the company who did it in the hopes of learning their secret. Your organization can utilize this theme to quickly enact a viral publicity campaign, especially if technology is involved.

After choosing your theme and creating your platform, consider your avenues of approach carefully. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can generate rapid interest. However, you’re going to have to carefully pick who to begin the viral barrage with. A close friend will not have as much oomph as a celebrity or a popular blogger. Try to find a internet figurehead whose following would most benefit from your product or marketing attempt. For example, if you’re planning on releasing a new supplement, distributing your “scientific advice” narrative to Dr. Oz’s twitter feed would be an excellent start.

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