5 Guidelines To Follow To Get Your Dream Job

5 Guidelines To Follow To Get Your Dream JobGetting a job is the first official step you take into the often dreaded “real world”. We often see ourselves as the greatest person alive, doing efficient work and being indispensible to the company. We also delude ourselves into thinking that we can negotiate with people like Don Corleone, unfortunately we forget that we are not, a) Marlon Brando and b) the head of the Italian Mafia. Thus, we lesser beings have to work real hard in order to get the job we think is our destiny, and grin and bear most of the obstacles on the way.

To make the process easier, here is a list of some guidelines you can use:

Appealing Resume: 5 Guidelines To Follow To Get Your Dream Job Due to the aforementioned delusion of us being great at everything, we often make our own Resumes. It is a good thing that we know how to copy + paste a standard template from the internet, and make a few modifications here and there. Unfortunately, most of the people applying for the job do the same. The first way you can stand out is by getting yourself a unique yet interesting resume. For that purpose, the best option is to hire a professional resume writer. These fairy god mothers can increase your brand reputation, market value and articulate your strengths just through a sheet of paper. Your entire image goes through a brand new transformation, just because of a new and exciting resume.   

Social Media: This is by far the fastest and the most fun way to get updates and job alerts in your dream company. The importance of social media is so huge that, every enterprise at least has a Facebook and a Twitter account. Follow them on these platforms and instantly reply to their posts on job vacancies, they will certainly be impressed with your swiftness if nothing else.

Research: It goes without saying that you will definitely research on your dream company, but in this day and age, you need something more, that little edge. It is not difficult to find, but often people just read through the company’s Wikipedia page and call it “research”.  You can easily beat them by reading a little more, like the history of the company, stories about the founder etc, renowned people who must have worked there and similar trivia. It shows you genuinely are very interested in the job, and sometimes keen interest overpowers experience and technical knowledge.

Confidence: It is one of the few things that cannot be faked. You either are confident or you are nervous, there’s no in between. Thus, it is very important for you to not be intimidated or overawed by the prospect of you interviewing for your dream job. Keep that information in your head but don’t let it dominate you. Back yourself when needed and plead ignorance if you don’t know an answer, but don’t punctuate your words with the “umms” and the “errs”. Go with the flow, if you are a good find, the interviewers will know it, they are trained to do so.

Be Yourself: Soundsmore like relationship advice, but really, aren’t people also in a relationship with their work? Every relationship needs honesty to thrive, hence do the same when you are interviewed. Don’t try to be someone you are not, because you will be caught sooner or later.

So follow these guidelines and start prepping for that job of your dreams, make it your destiny. Best of luck!

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