Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Money In Your Pocket

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? In order to drive your best and get from point A to point B without complications, you need to have your head in the game. Sadly, millions of drivers every single day put themselves in situations where they are literally putting their money on the line (and potentially their lives). With the warm weather finally upon us and more people out on the road to enjoy those beautiful sun rays, now feels like the perfect time to remind each of you to be cautious. Having fun is necessary, but your safety should always be your number one priority.

No one wants to deal with the costly insurance increases, debt and headache that can come along with a collision. Luckily, there are many wonderful and simple ways to keep yourself protected while still loving the ride.

Technology Can Wait

Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Money In Your Pocket

Cell phones. We love them but they are also a major distraction while in the car. If your phone is constantly buzzing, beeping and ringing every time a friend updates their Facebook status, it may be best to put that baby on silent or in a place where you aren’t tempted to take a peek. When you find yourself being tempted to answer, remember that even just a few short seconds of your eyes off the road can turn into disaster. If you are worried about an emergency situation and don’t want to be completely out of the loop while on the road, then it’s time to invest in a hands free device. Or, pull over. Sure, this will make your trip a bit longer but using up a little extra time is far less of a headache than getting into an accident.

For the Moment, Become One with Your Vehicle

Turning off your emotions isn’t exactly something human beings are capable of, but while you are in the car, do your best to limit your stress. Try not to think about those bills that are coming up or the argument you and your spouse got into the evening before. You may want to have some sort of ritual before getting behind the wheel if you aren’t feeling quite ‘in the moment’. A few deep breaths and some calming music works for many people and this may end up being your ‘go to’ solution. Another great way to keep your attention on driving is to focus on enjoying the feel of the car and the rev of the engine. At that moment, you are free to completely forget about anything else in the world. Driving while calm makes for a much more alert driver. Your reaction times are going to be quicker when you aren’t sidetracked and you’ll do better at anticipating the actions of those around you.

Slow Down!

Keep Your Eyes On The Road And Money In Your Pocket

It’s not a race. As important as that meeting is you swear you’re going to be late to if these people in front of you don’t get out of the way, it’s better to run a little late than be even later because you were too amped up to notice that car swerving into your lane. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but stop glancing down at that clock at every red light and aggressively changing lanes in an attempt to get yourself to your destination even a few moments sooner. Turning those lanes into your own personal racetrack may not only get you into a collision but it could also lead to costly fines and tickets.

Get in Touch with the Young Driver in You

Take a moment to think back to when you first started to drive. For many drivers, a boost in confidence and comfort can quickly turn into cockiness and disastrous mistakes. Just because you’ve driven a certain road every single day for the past few years doesn’t mean you should expect to see the exact same thing. This is a problem for many drivers – you become so accustomed to the scenery that instead of seeing with your eyes, you are actually ‘seeing’ with your memory. To avoid this, try switching up your routes. Only use your car to go to and from work and leave her sitting the rest of the time? Make it a point to drive around the block on a nice day or take a short detour around your neighborhood for the fun of it. Try to get in touch with your young-driving self where you paid closer attention to everything around you instead of treating driving as yet another task you work through in ‘zombie mode’. Autopilot may have worked so far but it’s a risk to continue the behavior. It also never hurts to take a driving course to re-teach yourself the ways of the road. There may have been some things you’ve forgotten along the way.

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