3 Steps to Take to Give Your Storefront a Facelift

3 Steps to Take to Give Your Storefront a Facelift

You run a good store. You have good products. Why don’t you have more customers? Maybe you just need a facelift. It happens. Small businesses often find themselves being buried by their larger corporate competitors. Your advantage is that you’re small, flexible, and you don’t answer to a board of directors.

That means you can quickly make over your business’ store front and start drawing in customers ASAP. Here’s how:

1. Use a Good Color Scheme
Colors can make or break your business. Really. Many of the top companies in the world understand the importance of color in product packaging and logo design. So should you. For example, red evokes a sense of passion and power, but it’s also a bit intimidating. Blue is a very soothing, calming, color. Black and gray are reserved for high-end companies because they ooze sophistication. Yellow is the “warm” color. 

Your choice of color should be definitive. In other words, don’t play with more than two color choices. Pick just one color and go with it. If you absolutely need two, choose a dominant color and a secondary accent color.

2. Buy Good Signage
The world is filled with bad signage. Companies often think they are doing themselves a favor by hiring the lowest bidder. They’re not. Be the small business that has a granite sign atop a pillar support. Be the company using powder coating when everyone else is using unfinished signs. Be the company that goes for the highest quality it can afford. 

Good signs are more than just a billboard for your business. They advertise the type of company you are. No, not just the niche or industry you’re in, but the kind of company you will be to your customers.

Like color, a strong, sturdy, sign evokes images of a strong, stable company. 

If your sign looks sun-faded and beat up, that makes it look like you’re either going out of business or you don’t take pride in it. That’s not exactly a confidence booster in the eyes of your potential customers.

3. Create Stunning Window Displays
Windows displays can draw crowds on the street, if done properly. If you sell a product, think about what problems it solves. Then, design a window display oriented around this theme. Maybe your product solves many different problems. That’s great. Each week you can set up a new window display.

Displays are a kind of advertising. By showing off not just your product, but what your product does for your customers, you give your business more visual appeal – appeal that it might not otherwise have.

This tactic often works best when you sell to the consumer market, but there’s no reason it can’t work in B2B. If you sell services, try to create your display showing the effect your services will have on your customers. 

Most people can’t distinguish you from anyone else in your industry just by looking at your company’s storefront if it looks like everyone else in your industry. You absolutely must stand out. You must separate yourself from the crowd. Color, signage, and displays are some of the best ways to do that.

In addition you can look to advertise locally in order to maximize your SEO opportunities and local clients. Setting up a White label Email marketing campaign incorporating White label Social Media can help to incorporate your new look and feel, and products to a more narrowly focused clientèle – those who are local and can be steady and returning customers.

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