How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites today. Users love Pinterest for the visual interest and helpfulness of the links, from recipes to clothing to photography to travel to crafts and DIY. Images are pinned from websites via browser toolbars or pin buttons within articles, and get shared (and can go viral) in categories called boards. Many of the boards are group boards, where there are large numbers of contributors to the board – which results in a wider reach and increased number of views per pin. However, many people do not know how to use it for their business.

Here’s a guide to how pinterest can help promote your business.

  1. Brand your business. Create a pinterest profile with your business name. Make sure that your pinterest button is prominently featured on your website, noted on all of your social media profiles, and an integral part of your online activities. When you pin something extraordinary, tweet about it!
  2. Build your pinterest profile. Make it interesting! Use a great photo for your profile photo. Create boards that relate to your business – food categories if you are in the restaurant business, colors and styles if you are in the fashion and beauty industry, etc.
  3. Treat pinterest as a community. Create boards as group boards and continually invite people to join the boards and participate. Share their pins, and build a community that continually inspires each other.
  4. Pin great content. Be sure to pin visually appealing photos with viral potential. And here’s the secret – don’t pin only your own content. Pin great content from across the internet, and weave in your own content. Aim for 20% of your own content, maximum. You want your boards to be complete representations of the category. Don’t overpin and flood your stream. Make every pin count.
  5. Liberally use tags. When you pin a photo, use the main keywords for which you’d like to be found. For example, if your photo is about makeup trends for special occasions, use #brandname #Makeup #wedding, etc. If you are showing a specific product, you can also use the $ and the price. Put “NARS Blusher $28” within your description. This will then hover over the pinned photo, giving potential customers an idea of what it is, how much it costs, and where to buy it.
  6. Create great content. Create infographics that show your business or field in a good light. Show unusual ways to use your products (selling shoes? Put them on your dog and snap a photo). People will remember that, repin it, and create a viral movement for your photo.
  7. Put in relevant links. When you pin, also use links that go directly to the product or service on your website. However, many spammers pin cool photos with completely unrelevant links (hammock on a beach photo, link to a cheap jewelry store). Be sure that your photos represent the products/services you are selling or writing about.
  8. Love back. See who pins and repins your pins. Follow them and repin their pins. If you’d like to see who is pinning you, check out Then thank them, like their pins, and repin their great pins. Become a great community resource for your industry.

Emma Seabolt is an event management expert working on behalf of a UK event management company.

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