How to Use Social Media Tools in Your Reputation Management Campaign

How to Use Social Media Tools in Your Reputation Management Campaign

Reputation management is critical to your success in the online world. The number of review sites and bloggers means you are open to ridicule and critique at every turn. What you do to minimize any damages will play a huge role in how your audience perceives you professionally. When constructing your reputation management campaign, you’ll need to include social media tools.

Here are the tools and tips to consider in your reputation management campaign:

Remember to Market Yourself

One of the most important things to remember is that reputation management is, at its core, a part of your marketing routine. Your reputation is your brand and everything you do online should work to strengthen your brand and educate your audience about what you have to offer.

Keep the information you post on social media sites, regardless of which you use, to things that are specific to your niche. Unless you are in politics, for example, you shouldn’t be running your mouth about politics. The same sensitivity applies to religious, gender, race, and issues regarding sexual orientation. Consulting SEO consulting services before you get started is a good idea, and, unless you are creating an official stance for your business, keep comments regarding personal and sensitive issues to your personal pages – not your business pages.

Properly Utilizing Facebook

Join Facebook. You have to. Create a formal fan page or group (or both) to use to promote your products and services. Don’t go overboard or become pushy. Let your audience know you have a fan page and let them join. Don’t overwhelm them with tons of information. Post regularly, but not too often, and share useful tips and advice – not just advertisements. You’re using Facebook to build your brand and a good reputation.

This works for two reason. First, those looking to complain love doing it publicly, so someone who has a perceived problem with you will certainly attempt posting on your public page. You’ll have an edge in that you can see the issue quickly and you can address it promptly – publicly and privately, as appropriate. The second perk? Those who follow you on Facebook and like what you usually share will come to your defense if a negative situation arises and you can always use seo consulting services to help with the rest of the negative blow back.

Twitter for Reputation Management

Twitter is even better for reputation management than Facebook, in my opinion. On Facebook, people may post about you on your page, but they may talk about you on their own personal pages – places where you can’t see, become aware, and respond.

Twitter is an entirely different animal. Because everything is so open and public, careful searches for terms relating to your business and brand will ultimately make it easy to find anything and everything people are saying about you. This makes it easier to address negativity while promoting your positive image online.

Blog Posts and Articles

In a perfect world, you’ll control the first page of Google when it comes to searches for your name or company name. This means having appropriate social media accounts, true, but also having a few blog posts or articles published that promote a positive image of your company. You don’t have to write these and try to rank them, either.

Say a major publication writes an article about your company? You can help to promote that article until it achieves ranking for your name as well. All of your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others – should rise to the first page of Google for your name as a search term rather quickly. Do your best to make sure the gaps aren’t filled in with anything negative or use seo consulting services to help focus your efforts.

You have control over your social media network and you have control over your name and brand. Do your best not to tread on anyone’s feet and you’ll likely have no problems with negative public backlash. If you do, though, be prepared to take action so that the small fires don’t turn into fireballs.
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