Best New Online Personal Branding Web Tools and Websites

Best New Online Personal Branding Web Tools and Websites

Keeping on top of your online personal brand can take a lot of time, but with some new web tools and websites the ability to keep a handle on your social network, job opportunities, friends and family relations, and recreation, is easier than ever. From quality top seo companies, to all-in-one IM websites, to new social networking sites, this new slew of websites helps the individual proliferate their influence and message with greater ease and efficiency; therefore qualifying as the best new online personal branding web tools and websites for 2012.


Want to have all your social media IM contacts in one spot? Check out IMO.IM.

From your Facebook, to MySpace, to Google Chat, to AOL and Y! contacts, IMO.IM allows you to keep in touch with everyone from one website. Further, if you want to branch out and meet new people or contacts the IMO.IM team has additional features so if you are interested in chatting with people about various topics, you can do so from your IMO.IM account.

If you have a message and live in a cave, does anyone hear your message? is a great way to spread your word, whether you have a blog or not, you can register and look to post your content onto other sites for additional notoriety. As stated on the site:

My Blog Guest has been set up by Ann Smarty, a well-known blogger and social media user. She’s been guest blogging and building relationships in the blogosphere long enough to understand the power of a guest post – and that’s what she wants to share via this friendly web community.

There are good people on the site who write quality posts for a living, and great blogs of various niches – from sports to technology to career to seo marketing agency – for you to choose, whether you are a content producer or a content aggregate.

Not all Online Personal Branding is about content production, rather, showing off another side of yourself is important; often you can capture aspects of yourself visually, or representatively via another site. This is where comes into play.

Show your individuality by posting various images, thoughts and/or websites and share it with friends and other like-minded individuals.

Pinterest can be used in conjunction with other social media hot sites like Instagram (see my write-up about Instagram here) so you can take pictures from where ever you are.

Viral Content Buzz

The promise of Viral Content Buzz is intense:

  • Get free high-quality traffic from social media in just few clicks. We only allow established social media accounts to share your content!
  • We only allow highest-quality articles to be shared, so you’ll great content for your social media accounts which will get you retweets and follows
  • You are the only one to share everything. We don’t automate anything. You control what is being shared and when!

However, thanks to the prevalence of fast Internet connections and smartphones that are more powerful than desktop computers were just a few years ago, most Internet users have transitioned from consumers to active participants. Instead of just reading content, people want to find the best pieces and share them with their friends through sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest. Because of the organic nature of this type of sharing, real social buzz can’t be automated.

Viral Content Buzz helps harness these powers into one site, so you can leverage your, and others, social networks for maximum exposure.

Viral Content Buzz

For more sites be sure to check out this search engine optimization company.
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