How to Effectively Use Social Media to Look for Jobs

How to Effectively Use Social Media to Look for Jobs

The unemployment rates have been staggering through the roof in the recent past. This has many new graduates and job seekers worried for what their futures will become. For others, this lurking and deeming possibilities for getting jobs has also got new job seekers worried more-employers are just not as enthusiastic as they were a few years ago. However, even with these odds at play there are also statistics to the effect that there are some people who aren’t really struggling to get new jobs.

What is the reason for this? The answer lies in the effective use of social media – a strategy one employs to get work make contacts, new connections and advertise their skills.

One such area that has been getting intense interest is the social media sphere. Employers and employees alike are fast using the social media as a way to get jobs. In a recent survey, the percentage of companies that are using social media to attract prospective employees has been estimated to be in excess of 35% with more looking at the likelihood of using it more in the coming financial cycle. And there are various reasons for this cycle-there are just so many people on social media than those who use regular news and advertising outlets like newspapers and television.

Besides, the costs businesses are incurring to post the job ads are quite high and this means that, better and more innovative and efficient methods like Twitter have to be used as well. For most of those who have used Twitter to tell the world of a job opening, their success at it has almost made the platform as a perfect alternative-replacement for traditional means.

However, as a job seeker, how do you leverage social media to land these jobs? Here are some tips from experts.

Create a relationship
When you are on social networks like twitter, it’s an amazing if you can search for interests based on what job you are looking for. However, don’t be a blurt and definitely desist from stalking or appearing to stalk those you follow. Understand that it takes time and energy to build relationships. As such, avoid the temptation to experiment with short-cuts at building relationships. If you are patient and natural, people will more likely, pay heed to you and your passions.

Do your homework
It’s pointless to have 5 thousand friends on Facebook as if you are on a friending spree. Instead, focus on researching for people with whom your interests are shared. Following the companies you would like to work for can also be a great idea to remain in the know whenever vacancies are announced on that page.

Think before you type
Just because you are a frustrated jobless person doesn’t mean you have to keep whining about it to everyone. In short, think before you type down your thoughts. Instead of bogging people down with negative pessimistic energies, hold your horses-make people happy by sharing something that is inspiring or interesting. That way, you stand a better chance at developing valuable and useful connections that will help you possibly land an interview-job opportunity.
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