Resume Tips for Recent Graduates

On their way to obtaining a college degree, students write many important papers. Some write essays that determine whether they will be awarded scholarship money; most write themes or project reports that will result in either a passing or failing grade in required courses. While all of these documents demand a student’s best effort, the same time and care should be invested in writing a great resume. We have some resume tips for recent college graduates. While each resume should be crafted for a particular job, the following tips should apply to most:

Looking Great on Paper

Just as first appearances are important when meeting a person, first appearances on paper should attract the reader to explore further. Few students would attend an interview looking unkempt and poorly dressed; in the same way, students should make sure that their resumes look neat and are carefully constructed. This can be achieved by the actions:

• Choosing a text size and font that are easy to read and are consistent throughout the document.

• Having someone with excellent writing skills to check the spelling and grammar on the resume even if spell and grammar check have found no errors.

• Sending a copy of the resume as an attachment in a word document to your own email to make sure that the formatting comes through properly.

• Organizing information so that it flows from the most current work experience and educational achievements to the oldest or from the most important skill sets related to the job for which the student is applying to the least important.

Choosing Appropriate Information

Since a resume is like a snapshot, students should think carefully about the way they want this document to portray them. Most graduates think that because they are so young and have limited job experience that they have nothing important to list on a resume. This may be a time to concentrate on skills learned in a variety of other ways. The following are just a few ways that students may have gained important experience and skills that can they can transfer into the job market:

• Any work done on a community service project that shows organization and leadership skills.

• Positions held in civic organizations or religious groups that demonstrate an ability to speak in front of groups.

• Volunteer efforts that require computer or accounting skills or website design.

• Participation fundraisers for charities through college organizations.

• Work done on large group projects that demonstrate teamwork or research abilities.

Graduates should think back through their years on campus, and use the skills developed through extra-curricular activities to beef up a resume that is short on actual job experience. Getting the most contributions for Relay for Life may not have seemed like such a big deal at the time, but it shows great skills of persuasion that could prove valuable on a sales team. When employers see Items of this nature on a resume, they recognize the skills required to receive such an accolade. A good resume strives to bring such achievements to their attention.
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One thought on “Resume Tips for Recent Graduates”

  1. Great advice in this post. Here’s a couple of resume tips for those who want to ensure deliverability and good design. Check to see if your school has a graphic design department. If they do, see if you can get one of the students to design your resume for you. Since they are a student, they may charge little to nothing, but don’t assume that you’ll get it for free. Also, when emailing your resume, save and send it as a PDF. This way, there is no chance that your fonts will get lost when sending your resume to them. Good luck in your job search!

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