FourSquare Adds Analytics, Real Business Value

Last summer Google made SMBs owners very happy by releasing a new business dashboard for sites that claimed their Google Business Listing. The addition put actionable data and stats directly into SMB owners’ hands so they could learn about the folks visiting their site and act on the information provided. Well, now it’s FourSquare’s turn to grown up. Yesterday everyone’s favorite location-based social network revealed new plans to provide SMBs owners a free dashboard and analytics tool to give them  important stats about the people who check-in and visit their establishment.  It’s FourSquare 2.0.

FourSquare Adds Analytics, Real Business ValueAccording to the New York Times, the analytics features have been available in alpha for a small number of businesses for a week now. The selected businesses are able to see, in real time, who has checked in to their businesses (on a daily, weekly, 30/60/90-day or all-time basis), when they arrived, the male-to-female ratio, what times are most active for certain customers, and they get the ability to offer instant promotions. FourSquare will also offer a Staff page so that employees can interact directly with customers using the site.  It makes things significantly more interactive for business owners, which may increase a Twitter-esque adoption.

Early shots of the dashboard look like this: Continue reading FourSquare Adds Analytics, Real Business Value

Which is the best day to send email marketing?

Timing in an email marketing campaign – that is, deciding on what day and what time of day – to hit the send button is as important as actually crafting the message and selecting which segmented group of customers will receive it. There has been much research dissecting the best time to send an email, as well as a wealth of anecdotal evidence.

The overall consensus from the numerous studies show that mail sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays has the best chance of being opened, it said. But more thought – far more – should go into a send decision than that, it said. Continue reading Which is the best day to send email marketing?

10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook

10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For FacebookBrace yourself: Facebook is trying to take over the world. Or, if not the world, at least the entire Internet. With Facebook partnering up with popular sites like Yelp, many SMB owners may feel as if their load got lighter. I mean, why waste time worrying about your building your blog or your own site when you can grow your Facebook presence instead? If Facebook’s opening up the doors so that people can take you with them, you don’t have to worry about anything else anymore, right?


It doesn’t matter how hot Facebook or any of the other social media sites are looking right now. You still need to be focused on using your blog to create your own authority and brand. Want to know why you shouldn’t ignore your blog for Facebook, well I’ll give you 10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook?

Here are ten reasons. Continue reading 10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook