The Three Biggest Concerns About Business Blogging

As we encourage clients to start business blogging to converse with customers, partners, and community members, we often hear objections about the effectiveness of blogging and problems clients anticipate with starting to blog. Here are my answers to three of the most common objections I hear about blogging for business.

I hope these thoughts are helpful as you consider business blogging as an outreach tool for your business.

1) No one cares what I think – Actually, some people do.’ The beauty of the size and breadth of content on the Internet is that niches of all sorts thrive and turn into communities of like-minded people.’ Connecting with others to share thoughts and ideas through content has never been easier. ‘For instance, here are three blogs on beekeeping, and three more on auto repair.

What’s more, people love sharing and consuming content online.’ In fact, it’s become the top activity online, outpacing email and e-commerce.’ The chances of connecting with others through content you write is also higher than ever, because articles you publish online through a blog do not get discarded like a column in a newspaper or niche magazine would.’ Blog posts remain online for interested readers to find months, even years after the date you published.

2) People are going to hate what I write – The possibility of negative feedback often influences would-be writers to move the 500-word blog post they’ve just finished typing into the Recycle Bin, instead of publishing it.’ I find that this particular fear is often exacerbated by the public nature of the Internet, the loss of control over who can react to the article, and the instantaneous way comments and other feedback are received.’

I’ve found that a good way to frame the response to this objection is to draw an offline parallel.’ People who are wary of online publishing usually have no problem expressing their opinions in a conversation, and are undeterred by the fact that others may disagree or have a different take on the subject.’

The blogosphere operates in similar fashion.’ Though there certainly are people who will berate and heckle others, the majority of comments on blogs will come from people with legitimate interest in the subject matter who will add something to the post through their perspective and knowledge.’ View comments on blogs as a ‘peer review’ process that makes your posts living documents that get more nuanced and helpful over time.

3)Blogging is just another fad – Small business owners don’t have much spare time on their hands (quite an understatement).’ They don’t have time to participate in fads that might not prove to be a beneficial use of those precious free minutes.’ And to some, blogging appears to be just that, a flash in the pan that will have no lasting value.

In addition to the fact that blog posts remain online indefinitely to be found in search engines and directories, more people are reading blogs than ever before.’ A study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 11 percent of Internet users read a blog every day and 24 percent of all adults read blogs in a given month.’ These numbers will increase as free blogging tools enable easy blog creation and social media sites enable wider distribution of blog posts.

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