Wikipedia Updates: Video, Ad Fails, a Retraction and Success!

Earlier I wrote extensively on Wikidpedia [here about my brother Rand and his fund-raising efforts, here about how Wikipedia is asking for money while losing editors] and just wanted to follow up with a few notes, comments and videos.

This first update is significant for two reasons:

a) A retraction regarding the amount of editors that have been leaving Wikipedia.

b) Market share and profitability – While goaded by the interviewer to discuss this more, Jimmy does a nice job of redirecting the conversation to the Wikipedia focus of high-quality, free content. No worries that the money donated would end up in shareholder hands.

Well, here it is: feels like this video was directed at my previous posts- especially around the 2 minute 30 second mark – even if he does get cut [rudely] off my the commentator it sounds pretty clear that previous reports of Wikimedia demise were short-sighted:

The second update comes via Jimmy Wales, again, who made another holiday appeal for donations… and got them! Congrats to them… and my brother who upped the ante in spite of heavy opposition from Wikipedia users to surpass the $7.5M goal.

To end this on a ‘high note’ here are some ads that are seemingly misplaced… to some comedic effect!




To donate to the Wikimedia Foundation, visit this page.

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