Who Is Visiting our Site, Why, And What We Do About It?

So, probably by now, you have a website, getting a bunch of traffic to it and you’re implementing some tweaks to your site along the way. And yet you’ve got this nagging feeling that you’re not making the most of your website traffic nor do you know who is visiting your site.

Despite the many tools out there, I find that most of us have a similar sentiment.

The nagging feeling stems from the fact that our sites bring in tons of traffic of all sorts:  prospects, customers, partners, competitors, friends, wanderers, etc.  There are many different tools to help us analyze these different types of traffic. It can get pretty confusing when you start to throw all of these tools into the mix.  And it certainly seems that even with all these tools, we can still be left guessing about some of our traffic.

So, what are some of the tools that help us make sense of it all? I’ll share a few off the top of my head:

Google Analytics is great to help us systematically tailor our message to attract the prospects we want. With Google Analytics, we’re able to monitor the pulse of conversions with their stellar Goal Tracking abilities. Heat maps, multivariate testing and extensive SEO efforts are great ways to target more ideal prospects and cultivate more educated customers. The goal in using all these features and tools is to obtain actionable data that you can make decisions with.

But what about mining your site visitor activity for prospect data that your sales reps can act on? You can use custom code and various triggers if your IT team can put it out on the site and maintain it, but I’ve found that a simple tool like LeadLander is a better, easier way to go. Your reps can get notified when someone is visiting the site and they can see reports in real time to find out who’s really kicking the tires.

LeadLander is also pretty good for providing insight on the competitors that are snooping around your site.  You can see what pages people visited, what they did on your site and what time they were there.  This data is useful competitive intelligence, but if you want to take it a step further (and cough up more dough), CI Radar is a great service to really keep tabs on your competitors.

All of these tools offer great value. I’ve used these tools, as well as a few custom tools to capture site visitor data, and yet I continue to have the nagging feeling that we’re not learning enough about our website traffic.

The more I talk to folks about this, the more I realize I’m not alone.  What are you using to analyze your website traffic, how do you act on that analytical data… and do you still have that nagging feeling?
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