100 Green Small Business Tips

100 green small business tipsBack in September, we asked our readers to contribute their best green business tips.  We wanted you to share your ideas for going green in your small business.

As usual, the Small Business Trends readers came through. We were able to collect 100 awesome green small business tips.  We listed all 100 tips below which have been divided into 4 categories; Conserve, Recycle, Go Paperless and Adopt Green Practices. Please click through all of the pages (above or below the post) to see all 100 of the green small business tips.

If you prefer, you can also download all 100 green small business tips as a PDF document: 100 Green Small Business Tips.

Without further delay, here are 100 green small business tips for your small business with the contributor’s name, website and Twitter handle included. Continue reading 100 Green Small Business Tips

Do You Have What It Takes to Turn Your Hobby into a Business?

Do You Have What It Takes to Turn Your Hobby into a Business?

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard a number of people comment about their desire to take your hobby into a business and start up their own business and begin working for themselves.

Being passionate about something can often be a terrific motivator, so the thought of turning a much-loved hobby into a money-generating small enterprise can be very tempting.

While there are many hobbyists that have successfully turned their passions into successful businesses, a hobby-based business may have limited market scope, thus making it difficult to support its growth and viability.

If you find yourself at the cross-road of whether to turn your hobby into a business, here are a few things you need to think about before hanging the shingle outside your door, as well as considering if you have that entrepreneurial drive to support your business’ development and growth. Continue reading Do You Have What It Takes to Turn Your Hobby into a Business?

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Small Business Social Media Marketing TipsCapacity – especially to plan and execute effective marketing strategies – is a big challenge for every small business. In this post, I’ll offer 10 suggestions for how small businesses can supercharge their marketing efforts by leveraging social media. For each suggestion, I will discuss a basic strategy – for those who simply want to get their toes wet, as well as an advanced strategy – for those who want to spend a bit more time and go a bit deeper in their social media marketing efforts. These tips are based on my experience leveraging social media marketing for my company, crowdSPRING.

I suggest you begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figuring out how you’ll measure success. Once you’ve outlined your goals, let’s look at 10 great ways you can begin to leverage social media for your marketing efforts: Continue reading 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

Staking Your Claim with Employers and Recruiters: Use Your Personal Brand to Own a Piece of Your Prospect’s Mind

 Staking Your Claim with Employers and Recruiters: Use Your Personal Brand to Own a Piece of Your Prospect’s Mind
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Staking Your Claim with Employers and Recruiters
Use Your Personal Brand to Own a Piece of Your Prospect’s Mind

Personal Branding is one of the hottest – and most misunderstood – concepts in career and job search. It doesn’t mean adopting a flashy personal image, driving a Jaguar or wearing Hugo Boss. Very simply, it means projecting your best qualities and characteristics to potential employers and recruiters. It means promoting your value to a clearly defined audience that appreciates it.

Your Personal Brand conveys your value. It stakes a claim in your future employers’ minds. It positions you as “the answer” to their dilemma. It links you to the services – and service relationship – they need.

You can build a corporation off a great Personal Brand. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; their Personal Brands are the core of a multibillion-dollar companies. People think of him as a heroes who helped middle-class investors, the champion of the computer age.

By positioning their Personal Brand front and center, these two helped put a personal and friendly spin on an impersonal industry. By driving a brand home with years of relentless marketing, Jobs and Gates – the men, the companies – have come to own the “computer” position in consumers’ minds. Continue reading Staking Your Claim with Employers and Recruiters: Use Your Personal Brand to Own a Piece of Your Prospect’s Mind

How to Become an Expert in Your Industry

How to Become an Expert in Your Industry

Today it seems that no matter what industry you’re in, your competition is stronger than ever. How do you stand out and get that sale when people aren’t as loyal to brands as they used to be? How do you get their attention in an ever growing sea of noise when they’re so often swayed by price rather than quality? One answer is to become recognized as an expert in your industry, someone other people seek out for information.

The most important part to becoming known as an expert, of course, is that you know a lot about whatever it is you do. That could be construction, public relations, HR, dogs — whatever it is, in order to gain the requisite knowledge to be regarded as a thought-leader in your field likely requires years of schooling or real-world practice, or both. In addition, when your goal is to be recognized as an expert you need to always keep learning, and to constantly share that expertise. But first let’s talk about why you might want to be an expert. Continue reading How to Become an Expert in Your Industry

How to Measure Social Media ROI

How to Measure Social Media ROILast month, we reported on a survey that found that 84% of social media programs don’t know how to measure return on investment (ROI) on social media. The comments in that post indicated that a lot of individuals and businesses want to be able know how to measure social media ROI of their social media strategies and campaigns, but they don’t know where to start.

Companies and executives are finally beginning to really jump on the social media bandwagon, and that’s fantastic. However, for social media to fully work (for everyone), businesses and brands need to be able to evaluate the impact their social media use is having, both positive and negative. Measuring social media ROI isn’t impossible, but it can be difficult because many of the pieces that need to be evaluated are difficult to track. This guide is designed to help you track down those pieces and determine the ROI you’re getting on social media. Continue reading How to Measure Social Media ROI

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for EntrepreneursWhether your company is just starting out, just starting to turn a profit or already on the verge of an acquisition, as an entrepreneur you’ll be constantly evaluating the tools that will help get your business to the next stage.

Even if the ink on the business plan isn’t dry yet, you want to be armed with the social media tools that will play an important role in company communication, product and brand promotions, and business development for your startup. Some of the tools in this list will be familiar, but it’s worth taking a moment to reframe how they might become power tools in a business context. Continue reading 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Invest In Marketing

Invest In MarketingEmphasize tradition and heritage in your advertising campaigns and don’t cut prices, said marketing guru, Martin Lindstrom, as he revealed his top 10 tips for the advertising/marketing during the economic downturn.

Brands that invest in marketing during a recession tend to gain market share as their competitors lose focus on their overall strategy, he said. Lindstrom was speaking in the run-up to his Buyology Symposium, held recently at Dubai. The symposium – the first time it was held in the Gulf – will cover the impact of subliminal advertising and the revolutionary influence of neuroscience in marketing. Continue reading Invest In Marketing

How to Create a Branded Version of TwitPic

How to Create a Branded Version of TwitPicMore and more brands are starting to use Twitter, whether it’s to promote new products or connect with customers. The only problem that some brand marketers have with using Twitter is that it can be difficult to have a conversation around links or media files.

This is why Vitrue, a social media management company, has created ‘Twitter Pages’ as a new part of its Vitrue SRM Product suite. Think of Twitter Pages as a branded TwitPic for companies and brands that want to share media or links with fans.

Continue reading How to Create a Branded Version of TwitPic