Writing regularly has proven difficult… Awareness #1

Just writing to write is one thing. Yeah, I can scribble down some thoughts and notes, but when it comes to writing something for others to read it becomes a bit more difficult… I start to wonder what would be interesting reading? Why does someone else care about what I write? Etc. Etc.

Here is my first attempt to raise some awareness, some of which was brought on by my own writers block:

Our sense of self-worth, our self-esteem, is important… but its’ abstract. It’s not quantifiable. You can’t touch it.

If “abstract values” like self-esteem are just arbitrarily agreed on by groups of people, then how is this sense of our own value determined?

Because most people never realize that abstract societal values are arbitrary, they spend their whole lives following everyone else’s opinion of them and what they should do.

It’s kind of a bummer.

The average person has a lot of self-doubt. Because they’re not confident of themselves, they want a lot of approval from other people. We often decide what we want from subtle cues picked up from others, and there are a lot of specific wants that get built out of this basic want for approval.

Status-based wants, like brand name clothes, flashy cars, etc. are want people have because they want the approval that comes with having what others agree is valuable. Examples of this behavior proliferate our society. Cars. Women. Celebrities. All are ‘in demand’ and ‘wanted’, but are just arbitrary.

Most of these wants for approval are still justified by appeals to the physical basics, but social approval is hugely important factor in what we want.

And it’s that way simply because we’ve agreed to it. The greater the number of people who agree on a value, the stronger the value becomes.

Yet, I think that ultimately it does matter. If I can help one more person get their ideal job… if I can help one more person get off the streets… if I can have more fun generating contacts and friends… then my scribing will have been worth it.

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